Michael Gulitz is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Jungo. Jungo provides financial industry experts with marketing, co-marketing, compliance, and CRM solutions from one login.

Jungo is a one-stop-shop solution, integrating with thousands of leading platforms to give clients the ability to track, interact with, and market to all of their contacts. Prior to Jungo, Michael worked in Sales for tech startups Purchase Pro, CollegeClub.com and MIR3.  Michael grew up in the south attended a small school in the country, participated in the Boy Scouts, was active in his church, ran a landscaping business and lettered in three sports in High School (Football, Tennis and Golf.) Mike served his country honorably from 1988-1992 on active duty in the US Marines. He attended University of Oklahoma and Graduated from University of Arkansas Medical Sciences with a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology.

He has always had strong moral center and unshakable sense of right and wrong. Whether it was church, scouting or athletics, Michael excelled and was placed in leadership positions. As the top performer in his early sales roles in tech startups, Michael moved up through the ranks and eventually founded Jungo in 2006. With success came the desire to give back and become a voice for those that couldn’t protect themselves or needed a little hand up to reach their version of the American Dream. That’s where the seeds were first planted and would later become the Gulitz Foundation in 2012. Today, Michael serves a Chairman, Managing Advisor and a passionate visionary for the organization.


We partner with domestic and global organizations to bring awareness and champion causes in four primary areas – Animal Rights, Water Conservation, Support for Military Veterans, and Support and Preservation of the Arts.

In particular, we have an affinity for partners that allow us to direct the funds to a specific niche or vertical, rather than across the larger area of interest. This allows us to make more of a direct impact on an issue that may be overlooked by larger organizations.

Michael Gulitz, the Chairman of the Gulitz Foundation, was successful leveraging a similar strategy during his career as a technology entrepreneur. Michael says, “It’s impossible to know everything about every subject. But, you can dedicate your life to mastering a few of which you are really passionate.”

The GF makes contributions to organizations, but not to individuals. Our approach to grant making in all four areas emphasizes information distribution, collaboration, action, and change with trackable results.