Juliana Krijan

Juliana Krijan is the COO and Co-Founder of Jungo. Juliana is a technology pioneer whose impact on the Mortgage Industry continues to shape the way that lenders manage the lifecycle relationships with borrowers and strategic partners. As the co-founder and COO of Jungo, the mortgage industry’s leader in SaaS-based digital marketing and CRM solutions, Ms. Krijan led the development of the first cloud-based business application specific to the mortgage industry built on the Salesforce platform. Today, Jungo SaaS solutions continue to evolve as the mortgage industry’s appetite for technology rapidly increases. Ms. Krijan’s development team have created leading-edge integrations with Encompass, Byte Pro, Relay, Floify, Zillow, ACT-ON, Optimal Blue and Lending Tree. Ms. Krijan is the visionary behind Jungo’s world-class customer success center led by a college educated team of professionals based in San Diego, CA.

Juliana Krijan was born in Lyon, France and came the US when she was 16 participating in the Rotary International Student Exchange program. Ms Krijan’s host-family owned and operated a successful mortgage company in San Diego, CA and she soon found herself immersed in the lending culture. After the Rotary program and after completing her exams in France, Ms. Krijan returned to San Diego and the mortgage industry eventually running marketing at AME Financial. It was during this time that she met, Mike Gulitz, whom she would later team up with to create Jungo.

Matt Emery

“Matt has the passion to inspire and lead teams to exceed organizational goals and profit margins.” – Dr. Randy Ross, Author/Speaker

Matt has been working with top leadership and sales training speakers in the U.S. for over 20 years. The experience he has garnered through his hands on approach has given him the expertise to create profitable business models in every market.

Ken Winans

Ken Winans left a promising career with Merrill Lynch and started Winans International in 1992 with seven clients. He envisioned an advisory practice that would be different from other investment firms, with a view of countering the impersonal, one-size-fits-all approach. By providing innovative investment solutions, made possible through his own research, he believed he could design individual portfolios to meet the individual needs of each client.

Today, Winans Investments manages equity and fixed-income investments. We know that investing successfully in rapidly developing economic situations requires complex knowledge, experience and significant time.

Steven Cox

Steven Cox is the Founder and CEO of TakeLessons.com, a venture-backed education technology company. TakeLessons operates an e-commerce platform that enables instructors to organize and offer their services for sale; and consumers to purchase and take lessons and classes virtually anytime and anywhere. Over 20 million people a year use TakeLessons.

Steven has been building Internet startups since 1996. The companies he has been a part of have raised a total of over $150 million in funding and include one IPO and an acquisition. He is also invested in several technology, and real estate businesses.

Whether it be in personal development, the arts, ethics in politics, women’s rights and opportunities, or strong corporate citizenship, Steven spends his time finding ways to make the world a better place.

Steven graduated with honors from Eastern Kentucky University with degrees in Investment Finance and Human Communication.